ODBC Connection cannot be updated

Discussion created by user30080 on May 17, 2018

We have an operational Website with Filemaker connecting to the SQL Database of Wordpress.


Here is what happens:

We used database schoolof_sos1 for the old website, properly working until today.We use database schoolof_sos1new for the new website, which is an exact clone of the old website.We setup a new System DSN in ODBC Manager credentials are all tested and working.Double checks ensured that the correct, new credentials are entered into the DSN Configuration. - The tests actually succeed with the new connection: changed the External Data Source to the new source in Filemaker:


What we expected to happen

The connection between Filemaker and SQL worked until today.We would expect that by changing the external data source in Filemaker, Filemaker would actually “see” the new connection and connect to the new database.


What actually happened

Instead, Filemaker insists on the old connection, as you can see here: - The old table reference is shown, and SQL connection is not possible.



ODBC Manager says 1.0.14

Version of Mac OS X

Mac OS Sierra

Server OS and database version

Mac OS High Sierra



- Is the DSN Configuration correctly updated?

- Why would Filemaker insist on seeing the old connection, even though its connected to the new?

- Is there a way to force update this connection?