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Splitting Database = Relationship Question

Question asked by ThierryGuemboura on May 17, 2018
Latest reply on May 19, 2018 by ThierryGuemboura

I have this big database with a Parent table holding 35,000 records and Child table holding some 450,000 records.

Everything works well but maybe a little slow on some functions due to the number of records, and I am just talking about the  two principle tables.

The logical solution for me is two split the FMP database based on when the Parent table records were closed. So, after the split, I would have Parent and child 2008_2015 and Parent and child 2016_Today. 2008_2015 file would be set as an External Data Source.

My only problem is: I have currently a self relationship named Possible Sister Claim(s), setup like a find Duplicate where a Parent::Insured1_Name = Parent::Insured1_Name and Parent::ID ≠ Parent::ID

When user browse the Parents records, a <<Count Sister Claims>> formatted in red when greater than 0 shows the count on the fly (below the merged field, I have a popover where user can determine the "Possibility"). Count Sister Claim is an unstored calculation: Count ( CLAIM_Possible_Sister_Claim::ID).

Question: How to keep that feature working with two Database files 2008_2015 and 2016_Today.