Techniques for a portal inside a portal row

Discussion created by tcwaters on May 17, 2018
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I am working on a project and would like some suggestions for how to get past a hurdle.  I have a database of students.  Students enter a wide assortment of data about what they have accomplished in the previous year as prep for their annual review. The current layout for this is a tabbed interface, with each tab being a different type of data.


I need to add a tab for "Goals" and each goal will have "goal steps.  I've added the two tables (Goals and Goalsteps) to the DB and each are linked in the relationship graph  correctly.

On the initial Student layout in the goals tab, I've placed a portal showing the goals.  This works as expected. 


However, if I add a portal inside the portal row, it doesn't display except in the first row.  I then tried adding a popover which holds a portal.  This properly displays the data, but it seems to be disconnected from the tab where it should be displayed and shows up onto of the whole layout on top of all the tabs.


The solution must work in WebDirect.


What other techniques are there to display a portal within a portal?