FM 16 Performance Increase

Discussion created by user27070 on May 17, 2018
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I have some users complaining that our Sales application is slow while working remote.

Server background:

WS2012R2 - 32GB RAM - FMS16

Central Sales Database that users connect to, which then branches out to 6 additional databases.


I am currently trying to improve performance by implementing below:


1. All databases are located on same server, therefore changed external databases from fmnet: to file: connection.

2. Reduced sorting / filtering on portals where possible

3. Currently in progress of changing more scripts to utilize psos.

4. Reduce amount of unstored calculations.


For reducing UN-stored calculations, what is the best practice?

Should I be converting the calculation field to a number field then use scripts to update the values? Should this be done with psos? what do you think?


5. Currently I don't have many schedule scripts on the server. Mainly just customer and equipment updates from our DMS.

Is there something else i could be using it for to increase performance?


That is roughly where i am at right now. Is there anything else I can do to help speed up client side?


any help is apprecitated

thanks everyone