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Upgrading from Filemaker Server/Client 12

Question asked by medrob on May 18, 2018
Latest reply on May 18, 2018 by wimdecorte

My company has a license that we renewed recently for Filemaker which includes licensing for new versions of Filemaker. Filemaker 12 was recently removed from the "support" so we want to make an upgrade. My supervisor wants me to find out as much information as possible for the upgrade, including migration services.


Background; we use Filemaker for our daily business. The company is small and less than a dozen users interact with our Filemaker server at any given time. As stated previously, we are currently running on Filemaker server 12 and our plan was to upgrade our MAC OS to something newer while we upgrade all the hardware in the office. In doing this, we were upgrading to a newer version of Filemaker. We were researching some of the steps required to do the upgrade for Server and had a couple questions that I honestly do not know the answer to.


Upgrading to the new version does not seem like that big of a deal, however the information I am reading states we need to include a SSL certificate in order to operate. I assumed this was purely for better security reasons. Lastly, our ISP provided us with 2 static IP, one of which we use exclusively for the Filemaker server.


My questions are as follows;Is there anything special we should do and/or worry about while upgrading from 12 to something newer (14-16?)

Is SSL Certificate required? I would say SSL is recommended because it does add a layer of security on top of other options, but purchasing a certificate to use this seems a bit much considering.
Are we missing anything vital?



I did some research into upgrading before posting this; I did not come across anything that was inherently useful to answering questions. I appreciate the assist.