Send prompt to FileMaker to run script

Discussion created by ocean on May 17, 2018
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I'm wondering if there is a way (with or without a plugin) to send a message to FileMaker server 16 from an external location that says "Hey, run that script!"


The goal is to export a .csv file from another program and tell FileMaker to import it. If it was a daily thing I could just make a schedule for each, with the FileMaker import 5 minutes after. What I want to do is import with FileMaker every few minutes though, so I am hoping there is a recommendation that someone can provide me with!


I do know that I can make the script run every x minutes, and I can also do that for my export from the other location, however the issue I find is that if the export fails, then FileMaker would keep importing that same file repeatedly. If I were to send a notification to FileMaker to import the file when it is exported from the other program, it would work very well and "handoff" better. I hope that I have explained this well enough to get my point across.


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