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Odd PDF Behavior

Question asked by on May 17, 2018
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Hello, I am encountering an odd behavior when I insert a PDF into a container field in databases built with FM 16.  (I am inserting only a single page PDF.) I have tested setting the field to accept "images" or "interactive" PDFs. Both don't work for PDFs.




- Sometimes the PDF icon appears in the container field, and NOT the actual PDF.

- If the PDF appears, all of the Adobe controls also appear in the field.

- When I try "Save Record As" and select PDF, I either get blank results in the exported file, or I get the PDF with the Adobe controls.


Platform Behavior


- Anytime I access a FM 16 file from a PC, I get the problem, no matter the machine (PC or Mac) I created the file on.

- If I create a database file on a PC using FM16, and then transfer the file to my Mac, the problem occurs when I open it in FM 14. (The problem is fixed after I removed Adobe Plug-Ins from my System Library.)

- If I create a similar file in FM 14 on my Mac, there is no problem with the container fields.


Does anyone have any idea how this can be remedied on the PCs running Windows 16?