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Autopopulating a List in a Text Box from Another Table

Question asked by dashosa on May 17, 2018



I'm new to FileMaker and I've been trying to figure out how to write a semi-complex script for my company's database.


Essentially I have one table, "keys" and another table "Personnel".

"Keys" has a field called "current holder" that is supposed to pull the first and last name from the fields in "Personnel".

in the "Personnel" layout, I also have a textbox called "keys".


What I am trying to do is either be able to enter the key serial number in the textbox, which would then change the current holder in the keys layout or be able to select the current holder in the keys layout which would then populate "KEY#SERIALNUMBER" line separated in the keys field of the personnel layout.


I'm then attempting to automate it so that whenever the current holder field is changed, the key selected will move down to the returned key section from the active key section.


It is a big database with almost 20 different tables, but I am having trouble with this last function. It is possible that this is you can't do this in FileMaker . . . in that case I'd have to try and build a program with my team that could do this.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know if this is the incorrect forum to ask these sorts of questions.


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Personnel Layout


Keys Layout