Azure Group Authentication with FileMaker Server 17

Discussion created by stevegleason on May 17, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2018 by srenwick

I'm having a challenge setting up a test environment for a file using external authentication using Azure Active Directory group accounts. This works completely fine using FileMaker Server 16 (with extensive thanks to Wim Decorte's white papers and videos).


As the "naming of things" is still inconsistent between Azure and FileMaker, it is hard to tell if FileMaker is expecting different information in 17 than it did in 16. I've charted in the picture below where I've placed the appropriate information.


I've done the requisite restarting of FileMaker Server services (though it is also somewhat unclear whether this is indeed necessary with the new Server UI). The FileMaker file hosted on both the live server (FMS 16) and test server (FMS 17) use the same AD groups. The Azure instance has the proper settings for the Reply URL and the manifest. And FMS 17 has the proper switches set for allowing external authentication and enabling Microsoft.


I can access the file, using the credentials of an Azure Active Directory user assigned to the group, using the instance on FMS 16. But trying to connect to the test server yields an "Authentication Failed" dialog.


Has anyone else had similar issues, challenges or successes?




Steve Gleason