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Lots of questions about Server 17

Question asked by anothersmurf on May 17, 2018
Latest reply on May 17, 2018 by James Parker

I have some questions about the new Server. It's very different.


I thought at some point it was announced that Java was no longer required. But the installation guide says nothing about removing Java when removing my old version of Server. Is it safe to remove Java from the machine, or does Server still require it?


All the settings are in different places, which is fine. But many have been hidden away in the command line interface, which is conspicuously absent from FileMaker Product Documentation | FileMaker . I have an old version of the command line documentation from Server 10 but of course that won't have any of the new stuff. Is the command line interface documented anywhere?


There are also some settings that I can't find in the new admin console *and* that aren't listed as only being in the command line interface now. Can someone tell me where to find/set:

-IP based restrictions for running admin console

-Idle Timeout (Is that Session Timeout? The name throws me since obviously I don't want to end sessions after a set amount of time, only after *Idle* time!)

-Checkboxes to use SSL and HSTS (or is that assumed once you install a certificate?)

-Access logs


Backups are seperate from other scripts now, which is fine. I re-created my backup scripts. But the little section at the left says "Backups schedule Daily at Midnight" and lists my next backup as being at midnight (even though one of the backup scripts I created, in the "Backup Schedules" subsection, happens before then. Where is this "Daily at Midnight" thing coming from (it's not one of mine), how do I disable it, and is there something else I have to do to enable the backup schedules I created?


What is a "Secure Database Folder Path"? Secure sounds like a good thing, sounds like something I want. But what does that mean, having a special Secure folder? If I move my DBs from their current location into the folder named Secure, does that somehow make them more secure?


Thank you to anyone who can help answer any of this.