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Update Field2 when Field1 changes, regardless of layout

Question asked by clay.lorance on May 17, 2018

I have a field ("Stage") that appears on multiple layouts (and can be edited anywhere it appears).  I have setup another field ("StageHistory") for tracking the changes made to Stage.  I've used the "OnObjectModify" script trigger to run a script that updates StageHistory when Stage is changed, and it works exactly as I want it to.  As stated above, though, Stage can be modified from about 10 different layouts (don't ask).  Is there some way to trigger the "UpdateStageHistory" script at a table level so that it runs every time Stage is modified, regardless of what layout the user happens to be on at the time?


Basically, I need some solution akin to an "OnFieldModify" script trigger that isn't dependent on that field being an object on a layout.


Makes sense?