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Working with a found set in one table, how do I reference specific fields in a specific record in another table?

Question asked by priceski on May 18, 2018
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I'm reasonably certain there's five ways to do this but I'm trying to keep things simple so I'll ask this in the context of HOW I'm trying to do it...


Context: I have a DB where I'm trying to send an email to email addresses in a found set of "customer" records. I have a table of  thousands of "customers" and a table of about 10 emails. I'm using the BE_SMTP_Send function in the Base Elements plug-in (love it, btw) and I'm not struggling with getting the plugin to work, but I am struggling to figure out how to best cobble the email together. Creating a relationship between the two tables didn't seem intuitive or necessary but if that's the way to do it then OK. But I'm basically dealing with a found set from one table and the contents of multiple of fields in a single record of another table.


Bottom line, I need to send one of the emails contained in one of the records of the email table to a found subset of my customers table and then paste into a field in the customer DB when that email was sent. There's a field in my customer table for each of the emails (mostly).




Table 1: Records of "customers" with multiple fields including email address and a number of fields that documents the date a particular email is sent. Each of the emails will be sent once to each customer.


Table 2: Records that contain each of the emails with fields for each of the subject, text message and html message. 10 records total.


I've written the below script but realized I don't know how to specify which record out of the email table (table 2) to reference.


Set variable [BE_SMTP_Server ( {server stuff in here} ) ]

Go to record/request/Page first


     Set variable [BE_SMTP_Send ( "name <>" ; customer_table::contact_email_address ; email_table::email_subject ; email_table::email_content_text ; "" ; "" ; "" ; email_table::email_content_html ; "" ) ]

     Insert current date [Select ; {table::field} ]

     Go to record/request/Page [ Next; Exit after last: On]

End Loop

Show Custom Dialog [ {message ; message} ]


Sending this to the FMP universe...  Thanks.