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Server Hosted files exports okay but not import Error 100

Question asked by user25648 on May 18, 2018
Latest reply on May 20, 2018 by user25648

I have been attempting to export a .csv from one hosted file for import into another hosted file.


the file location specified for the export -  file:Get(DocumentsPath) & "pmexport.csv"

the file location specified for the import -  file:Get(DocumentsPath) & "pmexport.csv"


The export appears to be successful since I no longer get an Error Code 800

But, the import still gives me an Error Code 100.


In order to eliminate any unsupported script steps, I've created two very simple "test" scripts, one for the source hosted file, one for the destination hosted file. 

From the source, exporting file:

- Go to layout "PM export"

- Perform find [Restore] - finding records created // *:*:*

- Export Records - Dialogue off - file:Get(DocumentsPath) & "pmexport.csv"

- Perform script "PM Import" [this is a script from the other, hosted file into which I want to import records]

From the destination,importing file - "PM Import" script triggered:

- Go to layout "PM import"

- Import Records - Dialogue off - file:Get(DocumentsPath) & "pmexport.csv"


When I view the server log file, i get an error code 100 for the import.

Both files are hosted on the server.


Any suggestions?