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IMG_3551.JPGI kind of took for granted all the little departmental and divisional, team and project awards I've been given. Then recently, at a division awards luncheon, after going up to receive one award with a team I was on, I just started sitting down when I was surprised to get called up again to receive an award with another team I was on.


We can't all win FileMaker Excellence awards, but I'm willing to bet in-house FileMaker developers, and even contractors, have reaped more than their fair share of other awards. These are some of mine, including ones I just literally dusted off my shelf to reminisce. FileMaker Pro has been with me every single time, even if it was only to help me organize the data I needed to consult on  projects not related to FileMaker development.


IMG_3482.JPGOutstanding and committed back in 2001?

Why, of course!
Being outstanding, committed, and getting certified as a FileMaker developer got me that top-tier staff promotion I wanted.


Between 2007 and 2009, the California Community Colleges Transcript project wanted to pick my brain and see lots of EDI transcript examples. Fortunately, I had been enhancing the weak capabilities of our EDI translator (built in Fox Pro), with exceptional features using FileMaker Pro, keeping the ANSI X12 standards fresh in my mind and tens of thousands of real-life and very specific examples fresh at my Ctrl-F-ingertips. Wish they already had this FileMaker EDI Integration back then.




I got bored with merely being a certified developer and talked FMI into letting me be the first and only FileMaker Authorized Trainer at a university, and into waiving the FBA membership requirement. I only had to get lots of customer references, to get agreements signed, and to prove I could deliver the training effectively in adequate facilities. I packed the classroom to teach the whole Training Series twice (back when FTS was a thing). The Center for Faculty Development had never seen their facilities so fully utilized for so many days.


As far as I could discover, the "Best Use of Complementary Technology" and "ECM Ecosystem" awards are awarded by an ECM implementation company for spending millions of dollars on their services—not for actually using them—because all the features touted for the migration from the previous system either never worked or were abandoned very quickly for increasing workload. Even though the awards are fake, these are two of my favorite awards. With the permission of my supervisor, I confiscated them, and they sit in my office now, because, in less than a year with FileMaker Pro, I fulfilled all the features touted for that very expensive, multi-person, multi-year migration. Unfortunately, I didn't get the cash money that went with them. This was the topic of my presentation on "The 2.6 Million Dollar Dev"

(Identities blurred to protect the innocent.)

Complimentary Award.jpgEcoSystem Award.jpg

Those are my awards. Anybody have others to share?