Filemaker server without static ip

Discussion created by anoobs on May 19, 2018
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Sorry for asking this again.

I wanted to make small/non profitable online database with filemaker. I wanted to install filemaker server in a  MacMini and make that mac mini as a server only for this purpose. But i cant afford now a static ip or fmphost because already crossed my limit . Apparently I have MacMini with good configuration, Filemaker server and i made a free domain with but seriously i dont know how to configure or connect these things. I was trying this for many months and failed. But i love filemaker and i wanted to work my database with this. If anyone  can explain  nicely and clearly because i have no experience in making a server. I tried to install filemaker server and dont know where should i place dnsdynamic domain and confused with host.. port.. It would be really grateful if someone can help me through this.


Thank you.