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Annoying backspace bug in FM Go, or is it iOS?

Question asked by dsimonson on May 21, 2018
Latest reply on May 21, 2018 by dsimonson

I have a FM Go solution that presents a login layout at the start.  When the user puts the cursor in the first field and types a character, suddenly, as if she had hit the backspace key, it is erased.  This only happens the first time you open the app, but it is crazy annoying, because if you type without taking your eyes off the keyboard and don't notice, you enter your username without the first letter, of course, and then type in your password and login fails.


I have tried a script trigger on the layout that switches back and forth between fields, etc., etc., and nothing seems to make any difference.  It's like a practical joker is running my app!


Any ideas, anybody ever have this happen to them?