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PDF on Win does not work, Ok on Mac

Question asked by jeremy_oz on May 20, 2018

Hi All


we have an app were we store a number off documents, some of the FM clients are PC (Most) and some are Mac


On the Mac no issue, drag and drop, insert from script step and the doc is in the container and show an image of the document this works 100% of the time.


On the PC's drag and drop or insert from a script does not work 100% of the time, the container just shows an icon, same field, same table.


If I then export the PDF using the Mac and then drag it to back to the same field all is good.


It sort of feels like the Mac can render the PDF into the container and the PC is just coping the file, files end with .pdf BTW.


Do I need to install an  Adobe PDF writer (we have reader) on each machine, if so has anybody got any suggestions.


I have to live with this for about 12 more months then I will get rid of the PC's and replace them with Macs