Learning JavaScript for FileMaker

Discussion created by jbrown Expert on May 21, 2018
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Happy Monday.

For this year's DevCon, I'm doing a half-day training on JavaScript (and the web viewer) and our use of it in FileMaker. I wrote about the training session and the fact that we can all do JavaScript here:

A FileMaker Developer Can Learn Javascript - Geist Interactive


I'm convinced everyone here can learn JS enough to use it in their custom apps, and I'll spend a half-day working with folks as we learn how to use JS in our FileMaker custom apps.


To better prepare for the session and provide relevant materials, I'd love to hear from anyone on any of these three questions:

1. What are barriers to folks learning JavaScript?

2. What would make learning JS more useful from our FileMaker context?

3. If you know JS very well, what do you want folks to know about the language and its use in FileMaker?


Your thoughts will be useful as I finish up the materials. I'd love to incorporate your thoughts into what I present and our training time.


Feel free to reply here or email me at: jeremy@geistinteractive.com.