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Insert from URL - not working on FileMaker Go 17 (certain IP addresses)

Question asked by DavidMansfield_2 on May 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2018 by m_aoto


I have a file that a client uses created in FileMaker 16 and used on FileMaker Go 16 that works without issue.

However on the new FileMaker Go 17 app it will not ever perform the Insert from URL script steps in my file.


My script step is fairly simple (changed the actual IP address of clients site, but the address works on same device and same file on the version 16 app);

Insert from URL [Select; With dialog:Off; $html; ""; Do not automatically encode URL]


The error is 1631 - Connection failed, and yes i have checked the address is correct and loads, and i have copied the app multiple times between version 16 & 17 apps on the same device and loaded the same script.


The script step works fine on PC version of FileMaker 17.