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"Find in Progress ..." dialog.  REALLY fixed in FMS17?

Question asked by user16487 on May 21, 2018
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"Find in Progress ..." dialog.  Was this REALLY fixed in FMS17?



From another thread, "Upgraded from FM12 to FM16, Find in Progress... Delays" started 7/9/2017

Upgraded from FM12 to FM16, Find in Progress... Delays  :



TSGal  May 15, 2018 7:16 AM



This "Find in progress..." issue has been addressed in FileMaker Server 17.



FileMaker, Inc.






TSGal  ... on May 21, 2018 6:36 AM



Your assumption may be correct.  Currently, there are no plans to revisit the FileMaker 16 code base.  If that changes, I will post again.



FileMaker, Inc.


Why can't this be fixed in FMS16?




What can I do, if anything, to reduce or eliminate the "Find in progress ..." on FMS16?


This dialog appears on MACs and PCs to various degrees (from never, to seldom, to always).


Its especially bad on MAC High Sierra machines.  On one list view identified so far this dialog always appears.  When a user tries to scroll up/down it appears again.   The user can never get to the data.  This issue, essentially, makes FMP16 useless on these machines.





Thank you.



P.S.   One of my clients with 60 seats just moved from FMS14 to FMS16 last month.  This issue was not seen or reported until the move.  After the recent FMS16 caused issues, I'm reluctant to recommend FMS17 v1 until bugs identified and fixed.