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Trackpad scrolling in list view not working (Windows)

Question asked by franksun on May 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2018 by Fergus Pearson

Hi all,


Searching the forum and on Google, I found some old discussions about older versions of Filemaker (14 and 15) but wasn't sure if it was quite the same problem that I am experiencing, so I have started a new thread. Sorry if this is old news.


I cannot scroll down a list view layout using trackpad 2 finger scrolling and I've had complaints of this from users of my solution too.


My experience has been:

Acer Spin1 laptop running Windows 10 (Filemaker 16)

- Cannot scroll list view layouts with 2 finger trackpad scrolling (which is turned on in Touchpad Settings and works in other applications)

- Other methods of scrolling work (using touchscreen dragging, dragging the scrollbar to the right, using a wireless mouse scroll wheel)

- Trackpad scrolling works in other contexts, eg scrolling in a portal or down a large field


Macbook running Windows 7 via Parallels Desktop (Filemaker 16)

- 2 finger trackpad scrolling works fine


It's quite inconvenient. Someone please tell me I'm an idiot and there is some simple setting that I have missed!