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FM Go 16: Insert from Device with Mic to Text Field

Question asked by edwardlscott on May 21, 2018

Using FM Go 16.


It is easy to click in a text field, choose the microphone from the pop up keyboard, then talk to have your speech auto-transcribed to text.


My client wants to click in a field and automatically have the microphone chosen so she can just start talking, and/or have a button to click that puts focus on her input text field with the microphone-as-input selected.


When the script step "insert from device" is configured with a text field as the target, FileMaker Go throws the error "Specified field has inappropriate field type".  Once you acknowledge the error, the keyboard comes up, you can select the mic, and talk away.


Is there a way around this?  My searching the archives and reading the documentation makes it look like this will work with a container field as the target, but then you don't have a textual result, just the recording.


Thanks in advance,