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Assign scores to portal records from other table

Question asked by wasp on May 22, 2018


In a Filemaker 12 DB of recorded species designed for a volunteer and education programme,  species recorded in each site and date are shown through a portal. Same species can be recorded twice because vital stage.



- Sp / stage / Count -

Sp1 /  adult / 13

Sp1 / larvae / 24

Sp2 / adult / 3

Sp4 / na / 6


What I will want is assign an index calculation based in the presence of determinate species in  the SiteDate (portal)

To do this, I have one independent score table with assigned values / scores to several species.

-SP / Score -

Sp1 / 10

Sp2 / 5

Sp3 / 6

Sp4 / 1


The calculation must be made summing the scores of the matching species of the SiteDate combination with this score table but only once (presence)


SiteDate 1 Score=16


Any direction to accomplish this would be greatly appreciated.


Many Thanks!