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Discussion created by pixel8tor on May 22, 2018
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We need you! I’m a filmmaker rather than an FM developer (I’ve edited docs on Lord of the Rings Two Towers DVD) and, like Peter Jackson’s behind-the-scenes footage, I have thousands of hours to maneuver for my upcoming movie, which is shot over 10 years. It is poised to win awards with an Oscar-nominated crew.


My teammate and I spent months creating the architecture / layouts but we need an awesome FM developer to bring it together. Essentially, we have footage logs and a spreadsheet describing all the people in the footage. We want to link the two.


In FM16 we’ve set up the tables, defined all fields, but stopped at establishing relationships. The fields match our spreadsheet data (all in google docs). If you’re interested, in exchange for an awesome film credit of your choosing, then please ping me. Any and all advice is welcome.


Thank you!


Here is my contact information:

Tara Veneruso


(323) 829-0180