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Monthly Report Against a Fixed Budget

Question asked by carla.campomanes on May 22, 2018
Latest reply on May 22, 2018 by philmodjunk

I need to generate a monthly report of all expenses against a fixed budget per category. I've made a layout with sub-summary part when sorted by Category and I've put there the merge fields of the category and a summary field so it shows me how much total I spent per category. Now, I also want to display the fixed monthly budget for that category and the difference with the actual expense.. That last part is where I am stuck at. :/


I have made a number field called FixedMoBudget with auto-enter calculation that goes like this:


Case (

In_Categories = "Raw Material" ; 1234 ;

In_Categories = "Freight (Transport)" ; 12345 ;

In_Categories = "Salaries" ; 123456 ;



**and so on, I have a total of 16 categories


...and I made a calculation field that subtracts the summary field of my actual expense from the fixed monthly budget:

FixedMoBudget - In_SumAmountEU. Obviously it's not showing me the value that I want to see when I put it on the sub-summary part any ideas on how I can correctly go about this? All inputs will be greatly appreciated asalways!


TL;DR - Monthly Report that with sub-summary part when sorted by CATEGORY that will display:

1. Category

2. Total Expenses made for that Category

3. Fixed Monthly Budget

4. Difference between Fixed Budget and Actual Expense

I don't know how to go about correctly displaying items 3 and 4.