Hidden Characters In Text File

Discussion created by TKnTexas55 on May 22, 2018
Latest reply on May 23, 2018 by ThierryGuemboura

With being able to format my check amount to create my export, I thought all was well.  I have been creating text files, via script exports, for a few years now.  I use the files to upload data to the accounting software.


This latest file is to upload to our bank, creating a positive pay file.  I create the text file.  I LOOKED the same as what my Excel version has.  However, it bombed at the bank.  Using a program to view the file, it seems there is an added HIDDEN character at the start of the first line of the file.


Any suggestions for clearing this?  I exported as ASCII DOS, as well as ASCII Window.  I have selected CSV and Tab-Delimited, even though I am only exporting one field per record.