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Date-Based Calculations

Question asked by 2aferg on May 22, 2018

I don't know a lot about Filemaker, so hopefully this will make sense. I've made a database to help track sales and licensing fees at our small sheet music publishing company. Every few months, we pay royalties to the license holders of our songs. I have it set up to calculate the royalty fees automatically, and that works fine. What I need to work correctly, is the sales quantity records from one sales period to another. Currently, it shows the all-time sales records for a particular song, and I just want it to show from when we last paid the royalty fee. I've attached a screenshot to hopefully illustrate it better. What happens now is I hit the blue button on the bottom, and a script runs that resets all the license fees to zero, so I want the same thing to happen to the sales records.


Thanks for any help.