Result(Text) based on a calculation(Number) and range

Discussion created by daveg1173 on May 22, 2018
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Ok so I'm VERY new to scripting and calculations at this point pretty much fumbled my way thru my first 2 apps. I'm redesigning my first app and need some help. Here Goes:


I have a Layout I ned to fill out its a test someone needs to perform and it is ending in a calculated field I call  "Total"


So i need to Score the the person for function. and the score key looks like this


     Score 1 OR Score 2

K1=  9-20        15-26

K2= 21-28       27-36

K3= 29-36       37-42

K4= 37-43       43-47


Same test is given but the difference is based on one condition. i could separate and make 2 tests just copy layout and custom message box using layout 1 or 2 based on picking  score 1 or score test, that is would be easy,


but what im needing is to populate the Documented Functional level (K1-K4) and thats  based on how they performed the test. i can't figure out the right calculate/scripting needed. any help is appreciated. thanks