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FileMaker 16 Web Server stopped working

Question asked by DaveNicely on May 22, 2018
Latest reply on May 22, 2018 by DaveNicely

Grrrrr! After a routine weekly restart of my FileMaker Server, the Web Server is now greyed out in the Admin Console. I know it was working as of 5:40 AM PST because a WebDirect form submission was made. The machine was restarted at 6:00 AM. Subsequent restarts have not cleared the problem.

Configuration details:
OS X 10.13.4
Apache 2.4.29

In the Admin Console:
Web Publishing Engine is green
Web Server is grey

I tried starting Apache through the command line (sudo apachectl -k start), but 'already running' is reported back.

Stopping and restarting Apache resulted in no change in status of the Web Server in the Admin Console.

Anyone have any suggestions? I would very much appreciate hear them. Thanks.