FileMaker Randomly "Adding" Fields to layouts?

Discussion created by cranstonit on May 22, 2018
Latest reply on May 22, 2018 by philmodjunk

I have a client that insists FileMaker 16 running on Windows is randomly adding existing fields to his layouts.   He primarily works in Table View and says that randomly the Modify table view shows fields as "locked" that weren't previously locked.  Those fields have somehow been added to the body of the layout thus "locking" them when viewing them in the Modify Table View.    The user believes this is a "bug" in FileMaker.  I believe this is some sort of user error and somehow the user is inadvertently adding the fields to the layout.


I'm aware of the preference setting to automatically add new fields to a layout when a new field is created.  In this case the fields are not new but already exist.


I have two questions

1) Other then when a new field is created and the Preference is set to add new fields to the current layout, are there any instances where a user could add fields to the body of a layout from Table View and not realize it?


2) Has anyone heard of a "bug" where FileMaker randomly adds fields to a layout on it's own?