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<Field Missing> And Appears As An Empty Row in Manage Database

Question asked by lognalwal on May 22, 2018
Latest reply on May 25, 2018 by tsplatypus

Has any one else had this issue?


Technical Information

Filemaker Pro Advance


MacBook Pro (13 inch, Mid 2012)

2.6 GHz Dual Core i5

8 GB Ram


iMac (17 inch, Mid 2017)

4.2 GHz Quad Core i7

40GB Ram


Both computers have:

macOS High Sierra 10.13.4




I recently upgraded to Filemaker Pro Advance 17. When I open my solution, certain fields in all my layouts will appear as "<field missing>". When i double click the field to bring up the "Specify Field" dialog, about half of the fields appear blank (see below). The chosen table occurrence looks fine. The same thing is happening in the "Manage Database" dialog but with "Unknown" listed in the "Field Type" column and the other columns blank (see below). It is only occurring in one table, and it's the same table every time. It is not my largest table, but probably has the most relationships and calculation fields. The fields that are missing are not of any certain type.


This is all fixed when I close out Filemaker and reopen the file. It seems to only occur when I double click the file in finder and it opens Filemaker, but not always; versus opening it through the "Open File" dialog when Filemaker is already open. I store my file in the iCloud and have had no issues before. I make sure the file is synced before opening it on another computer.


What should I do? And could this mean something worse down the road (file corruption, more missing fields, etc.)?


Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 6.55.11 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 6.55.46 PM.png