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Problems with PDF in Web viewer

Question asked by Alquimista on May 23, 2018
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I have a problem with web viewers and PDF documents.

We have a server and several computers with macOS Sierra, the server with FMS 16. The computers have FileMaker Pro 15 and 16 installed and have Safari as default browser, none of them have extensions activated and Adobe PDF Reader is installed in all of them. Basically, all computers are the same.


In some computers there is no problem visualizing PDF in web viewers, in others, however, I only get a black image without interaction. I have installed FileMaker 17 but there is no difference with FileMaker 16.


How can I solve this?


(By the way, jpg images are treated differently between version 15 and 16, but that does not bother me).



Greetings and thank you.


URL on the left: "file:///Users/Shared/Falcon_Heavy_Side_Boosters_Landing.jpg"

URL on the right: "file:///Users/Shared/fts_advanced_fm15_en.pdf"