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FileMaker Pro Advanced 17 File Open Oddities

Question asked by Andy Hibbs on May 22, 2018
Latest reply on May 23, 2018 by ThierryGuemboura

Have I missed a setting or has someone found a way to set the preferences on the window displayed when FileMaker Pro Advanced 17 is first launched?


On launch I'm currently always presented with the 'Create' option, so the assumption is that the most common task carried out when FileMaker is launched is to create a new file? Of course, this is not the case, the most common task is for users to open a file to do work. I can't find any way to set 'My Apps' as the default. Have I missed something?


There are some other foibles with the file opening that I haven't got to the bottom of as yet and haven't had time to fully investigate. The behaviour of File:Hosts changes from the sub menu in the Create Apps window to our solutions, where the sub menu has disappeared. However, we appreciate this may be down to the use of custom menus and need to check whether this is the case and how backward compatibility would be affected.


If I have a development copy of a database open, want to close it, but not exit FileMaker, in this case to open the live version and don't want the development and live versions open simultaneously, as far as I can see I can't use the Show Hosts as this is a modal window now, hence my only option appears to be to select 'Show My Apps' from the 'My Apps' window, as File:Open uses the old modal window, then close my file(s), then go to File:Hosts:Show Hosts and select my host to open the required file.


It may just be me, but the above seems a bit 'clunky', I almost have too many options in the File menu and, whereas the 'Launch Center' cost us a small fortune in support overheads as users constantly lost their 'My Solutions' shortcut, it did at least give a single location to do the above.