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2nd Portal Problem

Question asked by rodwright on May 23, 2018
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FileMaker Pro 16 - Mac OS 10.13.4


I have 3 tables whose relationship is attached. The first table is client appointments. The second shows client payments, and the third shows agency payments. The way this works is a client has an appointment and pays the agency and then the agency pays me. At this point, I've chosen that have these in 3 separate tables, but am now debating whether or not I should combine the two payment tables into 1. Regardless, I still don't understand why what I have set up isn't working.


I'm using a Form View as the layout. The top of the form includes the information from the appointments table. Below that I have a portal that shows the client's payments. This portal is working perfectly. At the bottom of the layout, I have a second portal that's supposed to show the agency's payments to me. Even though I have both portals set up the same way, not only is nothing showing in the second one, but the second one isn't allowing input in browse mode. I haven't looked at find mode for the second portal yet. I have verified that the data connecting the tables is correct, so it's not a data problem.


The second portal is set to show related records from Appointments | AgencyPayments.

It is set to sort portal records by the PaymentDate.

It is set to allow deletion of portal records.

It is set to allow vertical scrolling with the scroll bar always present.

The fields in the second portal are set for field entry in both browse and find modes.


The only difference between the set up of the 2 portals is the related records that are shown.


What am I missing? Why isn't any data showing in the second portal? Why isn't the second portal allowing me to enter data?