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What happens under the hood when a Calculation field is changed from stored to un-stored?

Question asked by AdamSnyder_1 on May 23, 2018
Latest reply on May 24, 2018 by philmodjunk

We deployed an update to our database last night ( the new migration tool is awesome! ).  This morning there was a bug report, which we tracked down to a calc field that had been changed to a stored calc when it should have been un-stored.


We don't usually make any changes to our production server, but this seemed like a simple fix, so we opened up the define database dialog and changed the field back to an unstored calc.


Once we clicked OK, the 'processing records' dialog appeared, but it never seemed to complete the process.  We waited for over an hour before killing the process via task manager.  Any further attempts to edit the schema or records in the table containing the field were blocked by a message saying it was locked by me, even though I had already force quit FileMaker.


We attempted the exact same process on our development server, but from a Mac,  and it completed successfully.


Why didn't the process ever complete on windows?  Would it have completed eventually?  Is Windows just less reliable than Mac when it comes to FileMaker?