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CSV export and Mac's Unix end line (record separation/return ¶)

Question asked by Karen on May 23, 2018
Latest reply on May 24, 2018 by fmpdude

A new Mac-based client asked to have an export script updated. It's used to upload data to a third party web-based billing system and it no longer works due to a change at the vendor.

Requirement is UTF-8 and CSV export. Client uses FileMaker 14. ( I just tried 16, looks OK in NotePad,{edit} but so do files the fellow at TABS said had no line wraps, so my NotePad version may be newer).


Whichever character set I export for, the CSV file looked the same, and record defining line wraps were good.

After speaking with the vendor (TABS3) support "I see no line wraps in NotePad in any of your sample CSV files", and Windows IT person, "NotePad doesn't support Unix Line Endings", but Notepad soon will:

Windows Notepad Now Supports Unix Line Endings | Hackaday

On the PC, I see much the same, happy in WordPad and higher-end Text applications, single text block in NotePad, no 'carriage returns'.


The user discovered that re-saving the CSV with Excel as a new CVS file does the trick.

I surmise the Vendor's system does not support the Unix Line Ending, and that Excel adds a proper end line for the vendors application.
If anyone has experience with this, what work around (s) would you suggest?
I see one solution was to export as a single text file formatting the data for CVS for a found set as one text block.