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Script Problem, maybe a Forest and Trees issue.

Question asked by mdaniel27 on May 23, 2018
Latest reply on May 24, 2018 by mdaniel27

I am using the FM starter Invoices application,

I have 2 issues, but will post them separately just incase they are different problems for the sake of learning

and to help others.

The Feature in the invoices Detail where you select a customer.

If you press this select button below the above popover displays any available customers.

And when you click on the name the underlying layout displays the info as seen above.


Now my issue is:

I have duplicated this feature to service tickets and employees.

Most everything works except!, when you click on the name in the selection.

The values are not returned to the layout as in the example above.

Below are the scripts for both:

Working Customer Script 1

Code for the Select Button:


Working Customer Called Script 2



Script PARM > All Customers | Popover::CUSTOMER ID MATCH FIELD

Script Triggers for the Customer Listing Popover:


NOT working Employee Script 1

Code for the Select Button:


Supporting Called Script 2


The Script Parm > "All Employee | Popover::EMPLOYEE ID MATCH FIELD"