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FileName from an OLE object

Question asked by Philip_Van_Landuyt on May 24, 2018
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Dear FM Colleagues,



I have a project where I have to convert an old (in house-made) FP7 database to the latest technology. In the old database there are a number of container fields, in which documents are stored.They were inserted with 'insert object' (right-click). These files are available on a fileserver, but I have to be able to get the filename from the container field. Then I can make a script to import the documents back and have them stored on the server by FileMaker. Does anyone have an idea how to get the file names of an inserted object and put it in a (text) field?



Old situation: W10 Pro, FM10, Database is single user, is on a FileServer, together with the imported documents.

New situation: W10 Pro, FM16, FMS16




Philip Van Landuyt


¨S: The old database is still available if neccessary.