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FMS17 issue saving encryption passwords with multiple encrypted databases open on the server

Question asked by tcfitzgerald on May 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2018 by James Parker

Product and version (e.g. FileMaker Pro 14.0.3)

FileMaker Server


OS and version

Windows Server 2012 R2



VMWare Virtual Machine running on a fancy HP server (I don't manage the hardware so I don't have access to the specs)



When opening an encrypted database using the Admin console, the "Save Password" option for saving the encryption password does not work if more than one encrypted database is open on the server.  This is also the case for using the fmsadmin command line tool and the --savekey option.


How to replicate

Host two encrypted databases.  Open database 1.  Now try to open database 2 and use the "Save Password" option.


Use the Admin console to close and open database 2 and you will be asked for the encryption password again even after using "Save Password" or "--savekey".


Once there is at least one encrypted database open on the server, "Save Password" fails to work for all subsequent encrypted databases.


Workaround (if any)

Make sure all other encrypted databases are closed before trying to use the "Save Password" or "--savekey" option when opening an encrypted database.