Great Posts and Benefits of FileMaker 17

Discussion created by vince.menanno on May 23, 2018
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Hi Everyone,


Lots of great new things now become possible with FileMaker 17 release. Here are some blog posts that highlight some new features or benefits.


A huge and very very welcome efficient, time saving tool that will change that way we work on production systems FOREVER… The Data Migration Tool is going to be your best friend. Start to explore this new tool.


Now that the Data API is official ( out of beta ) … this is defiantly worth checking out. Darren did an awesome job on this file to demonstrate how to work with the Data API. Plus it includes some of the new features that are now possible with the Data API in 17.


Andrew did this write up on about the changes in layout mode - spoiler alert: more time savings.


I believe I posted about the example that Will Baker put together about "master-detail layouts” in FileMaker 17 - extremely easy to do but if you haven’t already seen the examples, then you must check them out. They show some cool ways to display information in portals


Best - Vince