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ExecuteSQL fail.. WHY?

Question asked by coherentkris on May 24, 2018
Latest reply on May 26, 2018 by beverly

ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT \"__skFoodFotoID\", \"_fkBeamerNumber\", TypeOfMeal FROM FoodFoto WHERE FotoIsTurked IS NULL" ; "" ; "" ) returns ?.


This below returns expected values...

ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT \"__skFoodFotoID\", \"_fkBeamerNumber\", TypeOfMeal FROM FoodFoto" ; "" ; "" )


The only difference is the where clause.


There are in fact rows in the table where the field is empty.


FoodFoto::FotoIsTurked is set as number with no auto enter.


The column contains 1 or empty.


Been at it a long time...Maybe its time to go to sleep.