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Import CSV on FM Cloud / Insert API CSV File via Insert URL

Question asked by chuckburr on May 25, 2018
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We are about to move our app up to FM Cloud 1.17. How do we import data from a CSV files in an automated fashion on FM Cloud 1.17? I need help with these three steps.

1. First problem is the API URL gives us a zipped CSV file. How do I unzip it on FM Cloud. I don't have a computer or desktop or person any more. It has to be automated.

2. How do we get the records from the CSV file into the database. An import would be trivial but how does that work on FM cloud because I may not have access to the AWS folder structure or do I. Can I Insert the URL and loop through the unzipped CSV file to create records in the database.

3. The script has to be automated, timed to run at a time each day.