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Custom Menu access missing in FileMaker 17

Question asked by davegude on May 25, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2018 by makerbert

In previous versions of FM, I have had access to Custom Menus (and Custom Functions) through the File > Manage dropdown. In FileMaker 17, those 2 items are missing. How can I access Custom Menus? And...related: Where did the Tools dropdown go? That was my access point to Tools > Custom Menus > [Standard FileMaker Menus], which in turn was the only way I am familiar with to access the navigation and other controls in the header that is revealed (not sure of name of this area) by pressing option-command-S? Background: I am self-taught, but currently the sole manager of our FileMaker deployment that includes a Server and about 15 users. Possibly relevant: when I review settings in Security, I see that my privilege set is "[Full Access]".