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Brain power needed...

Question asked by Loggix on May 25, 2018
Latest reply on May 25, 2018 by bigtom

There must be an elegant solution to following problem, I hope:


- What if a user looks at a Webviewer while using Webdirect (in layout FLOW);

- And the Webviewer shows a Gannt chart using Javascript - React;

- Objects in the chart represent Activities (records in Filemaker's Activity tabel);

- The user click's on an activity in the webviewer;

- React sends a Callback to FMP with two parameters (ID_activity and ID_session) and a script (17 API) "catch trigger"

- The script reads the parameters, finds the session record and updates the Activity ID.


So far so good... this works like a charm... but..


Now I need the user to automatically leave the chart and go to a Result layout;

Where (because we have set the Activity ID) he/she should see the related Activity data.


This last step... switching layout's does not seem to be so obvious.

I have tried it with the  OnRecordLoad solution to delete a session record and have a script triggered.. that solution works but is WAY to SLOW. I'm realy looking for a new way to go.


I have the option to set a field and have OBJECTS show or hide based on the boolean. This does the trick but because it's webdirect I believe I should refrain from using to many layered objects with portals and more data.


I hoped other field script triggers would help me out or the new FM 17 API would help me out but I have not found a nice solution yet... anybody?