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Authentication Failed with Coinbase API

Question asked by jeftekhari on May 26, 2018
Latest reply on May 26, 2018 by jeftekhari

I'm trying to view some details from my Coinbase accout using their API.

I'm receiving an "Authentication Failed" response from FileMaker.

I'm not using a bearer token, as I'm using an API key as opposed to OAuth2 so my other headers must be incorrect.

This is what my curl package looks like:


The request requires 3 headers and 1 optional header:


CB-ACCESS-SIGN = a sha256 concatenated string hash. (details below)
CB-TIMESTAMP = epoch time in seconds


$time is epoch time pulled from their public API ( which coinbase recommends)

$sign is a sha256 HMAC hash with the API Secret Key as a key. I'm using this calc to get that value:


BE_HMAC ( $time & "GET" & "/v2/user/" ; (SECRETKEY) ; BE_MessageDigestAlgorithm_SHA256; "" )


the data for the hash = EpochTime + Method + RequestPath + optional body for POST requests.


Here's what my curl options package looks like:

"curl -X GET

-D $responseHeaders

-H \"Content-Type:application/json\"


-H \"CB-ACCESS-SIGN:" & $sign & "\"

-H \"CB-ACCESS-TIMESTAMP:" & $time & "\""


Any thoughts on this? I'm stumped


ps. sorry if this is hard to understand, I'm new to posting. Let me know if you need further clarification and THANK YOU!