Webdirect, exporting files, Save as pdf : we need freedom and consistency

Discussion created by user30760 on May 26, 2018
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If you want to manipulate, manage or do whatever you want with a PDF using Webdirect, I understand that today we have 2 options


1st option the "supported" process

The server manages everything and suggest to download files. It works on Desktop browser Safari.

But it does not work if you use IOS Safari. If you want to export from IOS,you try to access files to find a bypass but you can't have access to the files...

I'd like to understand why a developer decided one day that the document, which is MINE becomes password protected ?


  Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 23.26.14.png

Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 23.27.00.png


2nd option use PSOS

Define the path to your own Document folder and save as pdf in this path, but running the PSOS doubles the client connexions.

And when "FMS" considers that you have exceeded the client connexions it simply stops !!

You can't even capture the error. The last pdf saved if empty, the server crashes, it is impossible to close the database, you are just obliged to restart the server.

I'd like to understand why a developper decided to consider that a Filemaker Script is a client ?






Conclusion : none of the solution proposed on web direct is answering to the need

and as usual, it oblige clients to waste time on searching bypasses on forums ....


So please hear a client request :

- leave the developper free to do what he want with its own data

- stop considering that a Filemaker script is a client or if so offer another solution to manipulated data without PSOS 

- try to deliver consistency for an export command using Safari MAC or IOS