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Send 'Go' File to iPad via Messages?

Question asked by AlbertSteg on May 27, 2018
Latest reply on May 28, 2018 by AlbertSteg

I am trying to figure out a convenient way to send a Filemaker file to a friend's iPad with minimum fuss.  This person does not use his iPad for email.  I see I can send such a file via  Apple Messages, just as I would a photograph. 

What I'm not seeing is how to get the file from the iPad Message app into FilemakerGo. When I send the file, I see it there in the iMessage window, and it allows me to 'Download' it - - - but after that,  the only option seems to be 'Copy'  -- is there a way to "paste" the file into FilemakerGo? 

Having received the file in Messages, is there a place where the file "lives" on the iPad -- and where I could move it over into Go? It doesn't appear in my 'Files' folder -- I still don't perceive it's even living on my iPad now anywhere but as an icon in my Messages window?

I'm hoping there's a way I can do this without asking the person too download it on a desktop machine, plug in the iPad, and use iTunes to move it over. Is there? (I can use airdrop if we're in the same room, but this isn't the case.)


I have to think there's a way to do this, it's a huge omission in the Go! software if not - - and it will pretty much put the kibosh on an important project for me.