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Inserting Back to last Layout Function into Script in Filemaker 17?

Question asked by dashosa on May 28, 2018
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A script I used to to run in FileMaker 16 that ran no problem seems to not work now that I've copied it into my FIleMaker 17 app. Essentially the script is supposed to take the user back to the last viewed layout after the user has printed. First I added the script to the print receipt button, then the script takes the user to the receipt layout (this all works fine) the print function works fine, but the back function doesn't seem to work. (My script parameter on the button is equal to print). I'm sure there is an easier way to do this.




3.  Previous layout script

4. On the receipt records layout when the user has clicked the print receipt button it should take them to the receipt print

layout which it does fine and then the user clicks continue.

5. Which takes them to the print function just fine

6. Click okay or cancel

7. And clicking okay or cancel again should take them back to the last viewed layout but it doesn't.


Sorry for the long winded explanation, any help would be greatly appreciated.