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Creating a shrinking field layout with record separators

Question asked by wedgeman on May 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2018 by beverly

Goal:  to create a printable report which allows varying field sizes (multiple rows), and to preview that from a different (related) table.


I've got several related tables. 

I've tried several options:

  • creating a calc field "List(Table::field)", then placing that in a merge field on a page.  Nice, but it dumps the 'list' data in a rather crude list which can't be separated out or managed intelligently. (for example I'd love to put a horizontal line between each record's field date, but i also need it to shrink)..
  • flipping into a List view page, with merge fields only, using the "sliding objects up" and "also resize enclosing..." options.   Works (And I can put horizontal lines) but there's no way to count size or preview this from a different view).
  • creating a portal with merge fields.  A total fail: (portals won't shrink)


Am I missing something?

I have an entire group of layouts (form views) which allow the adding of related portal rows, and thru which I can preview the 'report' as it's being compiled (to know if the page is too full, etc), but this problem has been a bit vexing..