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Unable to see database files on the server

Question asked by lasa on May 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2018 by VetturaLogic



I run a small network in the office with multiple PC's and one Mac.  One PC is dedicated to be the FMP server machine and others connect to the database as clients.  Everything has been okay. 


Q1:  For unknown reason, it takes much longer for PC clients to connect, while the Mac connects nearly instantly.  Is there any trick to speed up the PC client connection?




Q2:  The second issue occurred suddenly last week when one of the PC client was able to see a Mainserver-PC, but unable to see any of hosted database files to connect.  All other clients were functioning probably. 


The computers are still able to access one another via the LAN.  I went to the AVG firewall to grant access.  I even re-installed FMP on the client PC and the same issue remained.  How else should I approach this?


Thank you.